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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  November 22, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EST

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study. that, plus internet dating is great for an upscale high class restaurant like the cheesecake factory. >> you weigh 103 pounds. you don't stronghold in nigeria. now we take you back to "cavuto on business." so forget screening. how about assimilating? >> in each of these european countries, a fifth column living within our countries. a group of people, though mercifully small in number, who actually hate us. they despite our way of life and they want to destroy it. >> this multi-culturalism, where you say countries with big hearts are making big mistakes, what happens to these millions of syrian refugees? >> i feel sorry for anybody living in a war-torn area like syria, but the problem is if we as a european union allow an
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exodus of biblical proportions, there will be a percentage of that large number of people who are being put in deliberately by isis. >> so is more of this coming? more terror on the horizon because we're still too politically correct? welcome, everybody. ben stein says the british opposition leader is right. if we're taking these refugees into america, they better get with america. ben, elaborate on that. >> well, multi-culturalism is fine, if the people coming into this country swear allegiance into america, do assimilate. they don't all have to be yankees fans and all have to eat hot dogs and french fries. >> that would help. >> we want them to be loyal to the american code of conduct.
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fair play, peaceful co-existence with your neighbors. we don't want to bring in people who will want to kill us because we don't believe in plural marriage, we don't believe in child marriage. we want to believe in people who will assimilate to american values. if they can't do that, then go back to where they came from. they don't belong here. >> then you can't have multi-culturalism. i agree with you conceptually that i can enjoy spaghetti on sundays and be an italian-american. >> are you an italian-american? >> yes. >> he's italian? you're kidding. >> multi-culturalism is what corrodes the unifying nature of what this country is built on. it was perpetrated by left wing academics who hate america. they keep shoving it down our kids' throats. it's already destroyed europe. it could destroy this country if we don't fight back. it starts at universals. look at what's happened at my
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alma mater. at the basis of this, the heart of this is political correctness and multi-culturalism. >> the multiculturalism part used to not be a bad term.cultu. >> the multiculturalism part used to not be a bad term. i had an agent say by all means respect your heritage, but by all means don't ignore ours. assimilate and honor your culture and your heritage, but not at the expense of blocking yourself off from ours. >> this was an overt strategy on the part of these european nations and on the part of the united kingdom, where muslims were allowed and are allowed to not be integrated into society. they do not learn the language. they do not take part in the customs of the nation and they live separately. >> do they go to public schools? >> they live in areas that
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they're only surrounded by muslims. and to the point of the pc left, we're not allowed and have not been allowed in this country and elsewhere to even discuss radical islam, jihadis. we're not allowed to bring it up because we're accused by the left that we're bringing terror on us. instead, by not discussing the problem and the violence that's erupting, there's more violence. and that's what makes no sense about the way they look at the world. >> adam, way to go. [ laughter ] what do you think? >> well, i totally disagree with just about everything that my friends have said so far. we're not not allowed to discuss anything. the communities -- >> really? >> let him explain.
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>> i think that you're trying to have a very high falutin conversation. let me finish. the united states, for a long time, for longer than all of us on this program have been alive, as communities surf rounded by people who ate their own kinds of food. >> that's a different story. >> who assimilated slowly or quickly. >> a lot quicker. >> and there's been -- >> we didn't have multiculturalism. >> there was a unifying theory to this country that has been upended since the 1960s by people like you, adam, and you're destroying this country. >> destroying the fabric of this country. look what's happening at the old yugoslavia. >> could i bring charles payne in? shut up, charles. pipe down. your view, you're just worried about what the temptation is for
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any group to come in and not get with it. and that was the case in france and britain. >> most of these european countries that accept a lot of them in, you see these setup ghettos with a bunch of satellite dishes. i get confused on the term multiculturalism. i think america is great because of all the vast, different cultures that are in this country. so if anyone thinks that's bad, that it should be a white-only country or something like that, that's what it sounds like, and i think that's dangerous stuff. >> first and foremost, people should learn the damn language. please. and pledge your allegiance to the country. and don't hate your benefactor. think about the tsarnaev brothers, the guy in kentucky. these guys were brn here or come here. the guy who masterminded this thing in belgium. how could they live in these western countries and enjoy the
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kind of lives they did and have the kind of resentment and hate they did. that's a refusal to assimilate. it's pure hatred. >> i would like to respond to something adam said. we are ridiculed for trying to talk about radical islamic terrorism, three words that hillary clinton won't utter, that the president won't utter, that bernie sanders won't utter. not only does their lack of discussion of it send echoes around the world, it's their actions also speak volumes when not one top official was sent to paris for that unity march after the charlie hebdo attacks. not one. what does that say? >> can you say, in a university setting radical islam? >> adam, answer that. what do you think of that? >> as far as what goes on in universities, these are strange places and you know that. >> they shouldn't be strange
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places. >> we have hate groups. people who hate america whose families have been in america for a long time. >> they're called liberals. >> this is not exclusive to these groups. >> oh! >> oh! >> just kidding, just kidding. >> that was a good one. >> i was thinking of timothy mcveigh. >> let's be honest about that. what we're seeing right now, and throughout america and the west, we're seeing that these muslims who have come to these countries from war-torn countries and should be grateful from the bottom of their hearts. instead, they have this resentment and it's passed generation to generation. >> i think many of them are grateful. >> they're mentally ill. these are mentally ill people. these are sick people. they're not just political refugees. >> the criminals are. >> they're mentally ill people. >> or brainwashed.
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>> mentally ill hasn't been added. we have a lot more coming up. we know that isis is getting a lot of money from oil. maybe not as much as before. but we know a lot of people are picking up that iowa. we know a lot of trucks are coming by to store that iowa. we just don't know where that's going. we know it's beginning to
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a lot of people on this very show were calling for it months ago. now it appears to be a go. french and u.s. fighter jets taking out oil trucks and facilities controlled by isis. the terror group rakes in millions of dollars a day for this sort of stuff. are you surprised this is only now happening? that the italians are the latest to join the attack? >> italians? >> there you go, dan. it's crazy. i did a show on this. this was a topic a year ago. >> but we're talking about my show right now. >> excuse me. >> you want to promote your show, do it somewhere else. >> you think of all the targets that we've had over there. the idea that we wouldn't go after the money supply is crazy. >> let's take a look at who's getting that oil. >> vladimir putin said something very interesting. he said 40 countries are buying that oil, including g20 countries. >> is that right? >> vladimir putin said this. someone's buying it.
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>> here's what's been going on. we were striking at the oil, just the wrong place. we were striking storage depots and refineries and increasingly isis has not been refining the oil, but just selling the raw crude. we underestimated the damage that was done to the oil infrastructure that isis has built. and we also underestimated how much oil they had access to by about $400 million a year. they have about half a billion dollars in revenue just from oil. >> so even with oil prices going down, we're already sitting on a lot of oil money. >> right. they also get money from crops, from farmland, from sex slaves. >> all you have to know, this is a wasted -- the cat is out of the bag. this is kind of a waste of time at this point. the italian army is involved. the italian army is maybe the most insipid army in the world. if they're at the party, the party is almost over.
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>> i think charles payne hit on something interesting, ben stein, and that was this idea that maybe we should be calling out the countries that are getting this oil and know full well from where it comes. i don't think we do that enough. >> i think charles is absolutely 100% right. he was on to this topic a year before you and he was absolutely right. totally right. >> boy oh boy. >> and we have got to stop playingsie with these people. they're mass murderers. nazis, fascists, beasts. and if mr. putin is going to help us do it, god bless mr. putin for saying that. i have nothing but hatred for communism, but if mr. putin is going to be on our side on this, all power to him. >> one thing that's interesting to charles's point, which i echoed five years ago, but daerge one of the things i think that is brought up is i think countries with a wink and a nod say i've got some cheap oil
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here. let's get it. some will say i had no idea it came from nazis. it's the same thing, right? so why not? why isn't there an effort to penalize those who are capitalizing off murderers? >> we should. i mean, if there's any fairness, it is a commodity, it's oil. i can see it being hard to trace the third or fourth time. west virginia been pretty good at this sort of thing. we inflicted a lot of damage on the iranian economy, for example. by going after people who are doing business with them. >> not doing a good job here. >> ten years ago i said it's impossible to win a war through an air campaign. how do i know this? because 75 years ago, the germans couldn't defeat britain. it's very difficult to win a war. difficult to beat and militarily, we're not going to do it just bombing their oil
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wells. we need to have gruound forces. >> we need to choke off the money source. >> it's not that easy to do that. >> we've been jawboning about it while the white house has done jack all about it for a year and a half. >> and i first brought up 20 years ago. >> now it's a self-sustaining economy that is harder to dismantle than it even was six months ago. >> you prove my point. >> yes. >> i think people forget it. and i think it was powerful that putin mentioned it. you know, all you guys with the finger pointing, you're the problem. >> or maybe saying we're the problem. but also let's not forget, he sells oil, too. he might be upset that all these countries are buying that cheap isis stolen oil instead of his, but he let the cat out of the bag and someone is buying it and someone knows that it's not right. >> by the way, 40 years ago -- >> and gas fell, by the way. the italians are very tough fighters. they are incredibly, unbelievably tough in world war
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-- world war i. >> 40 years ago, we proved we couldn't bomb vietnam. >> your uncle fought with patton? >> yeah. >> did he take pictures? >> no, but when we were kids, in his apartment in the bronx, he used to lay out this big nazi flag. >> and take out one of your kids? >> and show us all the stuff he stole off of the germans. >> in other words, when the guy was all -- like come here, charlie, are you crying again? >> by the way, the german lugar is this beautiful gun. he stole it off of a guy he killed. >> again, we're not tough. we were not targeting these taners because we were worried about civilian casualties. the pentagon said that for a year. >> they argued also we don't want to rebuild the infrastructure. >> this is called going off topic. when we come back, you want to know how big a spender bernie
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sanders is? hillary clinton is telling him, bernie, come on, cool it. when spenders say spenders are overdoing it, after this. today on forbes on fox, what to do with the syrian refugees? 47 democrats joining republicans in the house to tighten security for syrians trying to resettle here, but why did the president just threaten to veto that bill? also, heightened terror concerns aren't stopping unions from getting airport wor
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health care should be available to all people, not a privilege. we must raise the minimum wage to a living wage, $15 an hour. the right to go to a public college or university tuition-free. >> free, free, free. everything's free! you're not going to pay for it. even hillary clinton said, well, yeah, you will. cool it. hillary clinton is saying, dial back the spending. >> as much as the left is pulling her back she said let's put on the brakes. bernie sanders, think about europe. payroll taxes. everywhere that education is free they are at least 100% higher than america. back tax. do wae want that? two or three times more for gasoline. free isn't free. it makes things worse. >> what's heartening about hillary clinton coming out against bernie on this is we now know she's not a commie yet.
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she's almost the trotsky but not quite yet. like saul linski? >> i don't think she's that far. let's remember . i went to school with her. i think of her as a friend. she's a fairly responsible person. i stayed up until 2:30 a.m. watching the speech. sanders is a joke. free, free, free everything. who's going to pay for this? >> you were up until 3:00 a.m. watching him? >> adam, what do you think? >> he loves it. >> i don't need to defend hillary clinton. but she was a corporate lawyer and a member of the walmart board. i don't think she's a great crony capitalist, too. she love it is people that kick back to her. >> what should they do to change the subject. >> that's what she is.
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>> she's not quite a communist. >> adam raise it is point. she drew the line at the craziness. it could be a hopeful sign. >> no. they are going after the i want it and i want it now voter. i love it when veruca salt got dumped in willy wonka and that's what's going to happen here. >> how do you take solace le in realliry? >> i want it and i want it now. >> how do you find something positive out of hillary not being a commie? >> i'm not a hater like you. >> just a socialist not a commie. >> i will miss you both. >> no, you won't. >> all right. we'll have holiday shopping tips with stocks that could provide the dough after this.
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the gifts that keep on giving. charles? >> burlington coat factory. a lot of upside, over sold. >> adam? >> xlf financials select sector as interest rates go up this will benefit. >> that's a given for you? >> yes. >> ben? >> sdy index fund eh on diheavy
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dividend s. >> thank you. we ended early, too. great thanksgiving to all. the place for business. fox. into custody. now to kwo"forbes on fox." >> first they were worried about the press being too tough on them during debates. now they are worried about 3-year-oldle orph orphans. doesn't sound tough to me . >> the president said we are afraid of widows and/or phans. i'm afraid of a foreign policy that creates more widows and/or phans. >> the president knocking it this week but 47 democrats joining republicans in the house defying his ve to threat and voting for a bill to tighten restrictions on syrian and iraqi refugees. this as the majority of governors say they also oppose the current refugee program. is it time to put at least a pause on the program to protect


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